The following is a patent granted to Thomas Hope for 160 acres in Sadsbury Township issued 22 December, 1743 and recorded in patent book A, vol., 11, p. 272. The warrant was issued 23 March, 1743 and the survey was .performed on 13 April, 1743. The patent is signed at the bottom by George Thomas, Esquire, Lieutenant Governor of the said province at the time of the execution. The patent reads as follows:

John Penn,Thomas Penn, and Richard Penn, Esquires, true and absolute proprietaries and governors in chief of the Province of Pennsylvania and counties of New Castle, Kent, and Sussex on Delaware, to all unto whom the presence shall come greeting.

     WHEREAS in persuance and by virtue of warrant under the seal of our land office bearing the date the date the 23rd day of March last past, there was surveyed and laid out on the 13th day of April then next following unto Thomas Hope of the County of Chester a certain tract of land situate in Sadsbury Township within the said county, bounded and scribed as follows: viz:

     BEGINNING at the marked black oak in a line of the widow Connors' land and from thence extending by vacant land west 26 perches to a Spanish oak marked, north 10 perches to a hickory marked and west 110 perches to a post, thence by James Cochran's land north 198 perches to a black oak marked, thence by Robert Patton’s land east 136 perches to a white oak marked, thence by the said widow Connors' land south 208 perches to the place of beginning containing 160 acres and the allowance of 6 acres percent for roads and highways, as in by the survey thereof remaining in our surveyor general's office and from thence certified into our secretary's office it may appear. Now at the      instance and request of the said Thomas Hope that we would be pleased to grant him a confirmation of the same. Know ye that in consideration of the sum of 24 pounds 16 shillings lawful money of Pennsylvania to our use paid by the said Thomas Hope (the receipt whereof we hereby acknowledge and therefore do acquit forever discharge the said Thomas Hope, his heirs and assigns, by these presence and of the yearly quitrent hereinafter mentioned, reserved, we have given granted released and confirmed by these presence for us our heirs and successors do give grant release and confirm under the said Thomas Hope and his heirs the said 160 acres of land as the same is now set forth bounded and limited aforesaid with all minds, minerals, quarries, meadows, marshes, savannahs, swamps, cripples, woods, underwoods, timber and trees, waters, water courses, liberties, profits, commodities, advantages, hereditaments, and appurtenances whatsoever there unto belonging or in any wise appurtaining in line within the bounds and limits aforesaid. [Three full and clear fifth parts of all royal mines free from all deductions and reprisals for digging and refining the same and also one-fifth part of the ore of other mines delivered at the pit's mouth only excepted and hereby reserved] And also free leave right and liberty to and for the said Thomas, Hope, his heirs and assigned, to hawk hunt, fish and fowl, in and upon the hereby granted land and premises on any part thereof, to have and to hold ,the said 160, acres of land and premises hereby granted, (except as before accepted) with their appurtenances under the said Thomas Hope, his heirs and assigns, to the only use behoof of the said Thomas Hope, his heirs and assigns forever to beholden of us and heirs and successors proptietaries of Pennsylvania as of our Manor of Springton in the said county of Chester in free and common socage by fealty only in lieu of all other services yielding and paying therefore yearly paying therefore yearly to us our heirs and successors at the town of Chester aforesaid at or upon the first day of March last past one-half penny sterling for every acre of the same or value thereof in coin, current, according as the exchange shall then
be between our said province and the city of London to such person or persons who shall from time to time to be appointed to the same and in case of none payment thereof within 90 days next after the same shall become to that then it shall and maybe lawful for us, our heirs and successors our and their receivers into and upon the hereby granted land and premises to reenter and the same to hold and possess until the said quitrent and all arrears thereof together with the charges accruing by means of such a none payment and reentry be fully paid and discharged.

     WITNESS: George Thomas, Esquire, Lieutenant Governor of the said Province, who in pursance and by vertue of certain powers and authorities to him for this purpose (inter alia) granted by the said proprietaries hath hereunto set his hand and caused the great seal of the said province to be hereto affixed at Philadelphia this twenty-second day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and forty-three, the seventeenth year of the reign of King George II over Great Britain and the twenty~sixth year of the said proprietary’s government.

[transcript provided by the present owner of the property, William Handy, May 9, 2000]